Just the right bullets: The debauched beauty that is the Black Rider

Posted: December 30, 2012 in music, Song Clip, vinyl
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I love Tom and absolutely celebrate his entire catalog. As amazing as I find Mule Variations, Frank’s Wild Years, Nighthawks, Blood Money and all the others to be, Black Rider is my favorite and in my opinion(which is the whole of the law) the most completely realized song cycle God(Tom) has ever put out.

The overall feel of the album is 30’s Germany Cabaret/ Brecht mixed with old time circus freaks as well as old shitty late night sci-fi and spaghetti western shlock. Just check out these three tunes for a taste(or smell) of the record

You almost have to squint to fight the static-y snow of an old black and white tube television playing the late late late show…the only light in an otherwise dark, shitty apartment.

Now we’re in a smokey basement cabaret in Berlin, 1931….then bam, Almaria, Spain on the set of Three Bullets for the General or some other B grade, Italian made western….

Here in Black Rider’s title cut, Tom is almost Joel Grey’s Emcee character from 1972’s Cabaret…These tracks can give a small feel for the scope and overall feel of the album. As for the lyrical theme, I will let the listener work that out. I will say that he co-wrote several tracks with William S. Burroughs…not exactly Desmond fucking Child***

Anyway, check this amazing album out. It’s more a ride than a listen. Tom is God

***Those who don’t know him, good for you…Seriously. Unfortunately I am familiar with his career as a contributor of such Giants as Kiss


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