Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Posted: December 31, 2012 in music, Song Clip, vinyl
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I have no favorite Clash record. I love them all equally(maybe not Cut The Crap, but that wasn’t the full band anyway…although “This is England” is a great track). From the spitfire assault of the 77 debut, to the pop punk perfection of the double lp London Calling, to the sprawling 3 lp epic(or mess, depending on who you listen to…but if it isn’t me…it doesn’t matter) Sandinista, I am totally in awe of the perfection of song-craft balanced with raw energy and bubbling with THINGS TO SAY. I will not say here that they are “the only band that ever mattered”. THAT doesn’t matter(although I have said it many times). What matters is that in every stage of their career they were reaching. This record is concise by Clash standards…definitely no fat here: focused. Just opening with “Know your rights” sets the table…
Then there’s the one- two hit parade punch of Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
and Rock The Casbah. To me, the true triumph of the side and possibly
the record is Straight to Hell
Apparently M.I.A. is a fan, and should be. She is sort of the spiritual heir of Joe Strummer. But this is not about her, this is about…well, the only band that ever mattered(I know, I know) and their last album before dissolving into the aether. By the way, only click on youtube links, the other shit has nothing to do with this. Like Joe said…Know Your Rights!!!


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