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I have recently replaced my old Sumiko Pearl Phono Cartridge with a Sumiko Blue Point # 2. I have also, not quite as recently, changed out my old stock tonearm with the Pro-Ject Tonearm 9. These two changes have made a huge difference in the sound I get from my vinyl. I have a solid state Bryston amp and pre-amp and Martin Logan 003electrostatic speakers and I have found that it delivers a great, reference quality sound. I did want a bit more warmth so I thought I would alter my turntable and see what happens. The Pro-ject tonearm upgrade(only about 700$) made it possible to adjust the height of the arm tube and also fine-tune the vertical tracking angle which greatly improved the performance of the phono cartridge. Still I wanted tighter sound but added warmth, so I did some 012research and found that the best option under 750$(about 400$) for what I was trying to do was the Blue Point # 2. Ever since I installed it, the difference is night and day. Listening to Miles or Keith Jarrett, you can almost feel the room during the quiet parts and horns, especiall reed instruments sound like they are being played a few feet in front of you. On bigger arrangements with a lot of players, like a Zappa album, the separation and placement of instruments makes you feel like you are at the podium with Frank in front of the orchestra. Truly moving shit! Organs rumble, vocals whisper and roar, snares pop and cymbals crackle. Even electronic pieces like Kraftwerk or Gary Numan 013sound analog and warm while new records like those by Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Twin Shadow and Purity Ring sound nicely vintage while retaining their freshness. Anyway, the two upgrades have totally changed the game in my listening room. Some loooong nights are in the post.

Blue Point # 2
Moving coil design, high output, 2.5-mV, alloy cantilever, Blue Point-cut elliptical diamond stylus, and standard 1/2″ mounting.
Cartridge Type     MC
Frequency Response     15Hz-35KHz
015Output Voltage/Channel     2.5mV
Channel Separation     32dB
Channel Balance     0.5dB
Compliance     (x10-6 cm/dyne) 15
Stylus Size/Shape     .3x.7/Elliptical
Load Impedance     47k Ohms
Tracking Force Range     1.6-2.0 grams
Recommended Force     1.8 grams
Cartridge Weight     6.3 grams

Pro-Ject Tonearm 9
bluepoint_no2_01It features a solid one piece construction and allows for proper adjustment of VTA, a feature rarely found on tonearms at this price.
– One piece Headshell and armtube construction
– Inverted bearing design with four hardened ABEC7 spec ballraces
– Solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracking angle)
– Single-screw fixing of armtube allows rotation/easy adjustment of azimuth despite fixed headshell
– Highly flexible high grade copper internal wiring


Magnovox D8443             036

I love me some old boxes. This one is no exception. Mainly for the badass “super woofer” look and the “spatial” stereo feature, which gives a pretty decent surround sound feel, considering this thing was made in nineteen fuckin eighty five! I got this thing, DEAD, on e-pay for 20 dollars and brought it back to life in an afternoon out in the garage. It looks better than it sounds though, at least at high volumes, as the mid- range muddies and the bottom gets overpowered by the highs (even if you fuck with the treble knob). Still,  keep it  around 8 and it thumps.(Gangstarr’s Blowin Up The Spot slays shit on here).  So fuck so called progress, get 8 d energizers and lug this thing down to a park near you to piss of some old white folk.