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History of American Graffiti     2010
Gastman & Nelson    

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this book. It is  basically a text book for a course smart enough to acknowledge that Graffiti is the most vibrant, urgent and important form of graphic art. Over it’s 400 pages, there are bios on important writers, chapters on tons of different cities/eras, and an encyclopedia of terms (throw-ups, Bombing, Motion Tags), history of the form (overview back to Rome/Egyptians/Caves, Then history of hobos using it on boxcars, but then more in depth starting in Philly/NYC in the 60’s). Still, the pictures are the shit here. Page after page of sick pics that almost gets you smelling the paint, piss, burning oil and rat poison that is usually the trade-off to see this art. Just check some pics from my copy:






I got this thing on E-Pay for 12 bucks but I think it lists for like 50 or so…I still would be satisfied if I had paid that price. Out of all the books on Graffiti (and art, in general) I have picked up through the years, this is one of the best, both for the art lover, casual Beat Street fan or hard-core street art historian.

Anyone not loving this should catch the 3rd rail… Ramo-style! (check 1:22)