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This is an amazing doc loaded with great footage all about the notorious year of 1977 in NYC. It chronicles the necessity/birth/rise of Punk downtown, Disco from the Gay scene to midtown and Hip Hop in the Bronx. It puts it all in context politically and culturally. One of the best docs on NYC in the 70’s I’ve ever seen….enjoy


Magnovox D8443             036

I love me some old boxes. This one is no exception. Mainly for the badass “super woofer” look and the “spatial” stereo feature, which gives a pretty decent surround sound feel, considering this thing was made in nineteen fuckin eighty five! I got this thing, DEAD, on e-pay for 20 dollars and brought it back to life in an afternoon out in the garage. It looks better than it sounds though, at least at high volumes, as the mid- range muddies and the bottom gets overpowered by the highs (even if you fuck with the treble knob). Still,  keep it  around 8 and it thumps.(Gangstarr’s Blowin Up The Spot slays shit on here).  So fuck so called progress, get 8 d energizers and lug this thing down to a park near you to piss of some old white folk.