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weapon2Black/Death Metal has gotten kinda precious and boring lately.  To me , it is nice to hear some quality Black Metal by a band who is technically proficient, boundary pushing (musically), intelligent and most importantly,   ACTUALLY SATANISTS. Weapon’s second album, “Embers and Revelations ” is a breath of dark, ominous air. Their content is really good…if  Satan is your thing…and executed with some conviction and some balls.

Their last album (From The Devil’s Tomb) was very interesting and perhaps a bit more varied stylistically, but this one skips the posturing and gets right to the heart of it…Hate, Violence as well as Light and Lucifer. They also pull a lot of influences into the mix. I just saw a review in pitchfork that says it best…”imagine a particularly unholy blend of Belphegor, Melechesh, Nile, Watain, and Behemoth. Now add in some Master’s Hammer worship and vintage Morbid Angel appreciation, tattoo it with Kali’s name, hand it a knife, then leave it to die on an unnamed street corner in any hot, dusty city.” Right-e-o

Plus, the album art is sick…and yes, that fucking matters. You can see it on the youtube vids above. Pure, bad-ass. Makes me wish I got it on vinyl, just to have a 12 X 12 of the cover to look at while I listen but instead I will just imagine this Devil goat giving the horn salute with his cloven hoof.


If you’ve got a critter that needs to be ritualistically devoured, here’s your dinner music.