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It’s been over a year since my last post so where better to start than this…

The other night, with my fiance sleeping soundly next to me on the couch,  my Art Carney fest was in full swing but by night 5 I had all but exhausted my resources and looked to IMDB for help. I saw this 1980 made for tv, 2 part-er(didn’t realize it was two parts when I started it at 5 am10170974_10152106129668246_1167509043_n though) starring the man himself along with Michael Beck(Swan from the fucking Warriors!), Telly Savalas(!) and Alex Karras. I remembered seeing this as a kid with my uncle, so that ensured it would not be cute. I was definitely in the mood for that late 70’s/early 80’s look, but was shocked how much I loved the acting, writing, locations/ cinematography(seriously!) and sprawling but tight story and direction. Even the music cues were great. My toes(visible in that pic) did tap!

1975205_10152106217228246_54832007_nHere’s where it gets rough…

Starting part two at sunrise (about 7 am) wasn’t the best thing for my next day but for the film…brilliant. I have always preferred watching films at night and things like this…especially things like this…as late as possible. Part two had some great casting surprises. John “James from Good Times” Amos(actually, I love him in that Kevin Costner, bicycle racing nightmare, “American Flyers”), Joe Pantoliano (I know everyone thinks “Ralp Sipheretto” but I think prick manager from “Eddie & the Cruisers”), and Ed Lauter. Even Jeffery Tambor and Richard Lynch are here.

10154321_10152108683658246_920412500633355229_n Besides, what 80’s fringe flic would be complete without the appearance of Will Sampson(trademark back of head pictured with Beck -left)?



1393977_10152106177208246_2038454132_nAnd, come on…Telly “Who Loves Ya Baby” Savalas??? What more do you want? Dude’s head alone, makes any picture 23-24 percent cooler. He’s like Yul Brynner with a whore house to run and two-bit gambling debts to collect(break thumbs).



Still, it’s Beck and Art Carney that shine here(I can’t believe that sentence fragment was typed either!). I celebrate Carneys entire career. I’m not just talking the Honeymooners and his credible, Oscar performances (Harry & Tonto, Late Show and the incredible underrated Going In Style)…I love things like this and St. Helens as well as his cameos in The incredible Naked Face and The Muppets Take Manhattan.  He is a fucking KING!

As for this movie…anyone looking for a great slice of late 70’s grit in the for of a great cast climbing around Alcatraz state park should check this out. The sooner the better(but as LATE as possible)