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Psychedelic Africa                 2012            Various Motherfuckers               

Another “Record Store Day” special pressing I scooped up and as I listen to it right now I notice two things; 1: It sounds  amazing. They did a great job cleaning up these tracks without robbing them of the ambiance the original recordings had. And 2:  It’s not so much psychedelic as it is lightly funky. Not to be douche, but the word I gotta use is breezy…but not in a bad way. Makes you wish you were trying to bounce back from a 4 day bender at a beach bar with your feet in the sand and a well made bloody mary (lotsa hot sauce), a mescal sidecar and perhaps some benzodiazepine. At times, you can almost hear Paul Simon rustling in the bushes with a tape deck getting ready to steal some new shit. Get it before he does…Here’s some: