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LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides  –  Lee Hazlewood           2012   180g Record Store Day Special Issue

014Psychedelic Country…You gotta love that shit. Lee Hazlewood’s music is like Lou Reed performing to a Bacharach-scored spaghetti western on acid…and that can’t be bad. Mr. Hazlewood has made a long career and a lot of albums(with femme fatales like Ann Margaret and Nancy Sinatra) full of songs that are so melodic and lush they would make Neil Diamond blush and so bizarrely haunting they could have been on Tom Waits’ mid-career lp’s. This 2 lp compilation, made for this year’s Record Store Day, is full of the fucked up vibes that you feel as though you’re listening to elevator music if you swallowed a fist full of molly just before the doors closed. Side C is where it’s at with No Train To Stockholm (Scandinavian cowboy music?), Won’t You Tell Your Dreams and my favorite, Hey Cowboy in all it’s bizarre-death-dream glory.

The 180 gram double lp collection was remastered and pressed beautifully here. The strings soar and the horns almost seem to drip giving Lee and his bombshells a beautifully strange environment to dance in. And once again, packaging reigns here…the pic speaks for itself. Fuckin’ Lee Hazlewood!

Hey Cowboy



Going In Style 1979 

starring Art Carney, George Burns, Lee Strasberg and Charles Hallerhan. Directed by Martin Brest

Like the title says, they don’t make em’ like this anymore. I recently watched this movie (with fellow film geek, Dean Treadway) and was hooked within minutes. I confess a soft spot in my heart for Art Carney…and films shot in NYC in the late 70’s – early 80’s…and buddy/caper movies…annnnd comedy that doesn’t try to be funny. Let’s just say that I figured I would like this film. I had no idea that I would end up watching it 3 times in four days.

22503.1020.AThe basic idea(I am not imdb…there are no spoilers here) is three elderly best friends who live together feel, like most to the elderly in this country, like their lives have passed them by and that they are basically insignificant now. George Burns character has the idea to hold up a bank(worst case scenario, we going-in-style2get three years…free room and board and 36 social security checks waiting for us when we get out) and take hold of their destinies once again. I won’t give anymore detail beyond the robbery and this turning into a road movie. What needs to be said is the writing and performances as well as the warm, patient direction are incredible. The Going_In_Style_article_story_mainfilm is about friendship and loyalty without ever feeling “precious”. There is also a subtle wit in the performances of Art and George that make this movie hilarious to the right kind of eyes and ears. There is minimal slapstick but the robbery is great fun(Lee’s disguise breaks, forcing him to hold his gun in one hand and his Groucho Marx nose/glasses combo with the other). The trailer made this out to be a goofball comedy, but it is a deep and delicate character study that makes you a fourth member of the gang. Pour me a Sanka and sign me up for that.

If you have no other means, watch it here: