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Keely Timlin

I have been listening to this one for a while now and it keeps on delivering. It starts off by placing you in the club, beats pulsing and bass throbbing underneath the warm honey vocals that rides out to a fade that is almost like walking out of the club and the song is hitting the street with you. As you both exit, there is brief silence until you duck into the next spot where the mood changes to chill, stays back in the cut for a couple of loungy minutes while you have your feet kicked up for a much needed rest before the inevitable plunge back into the night to find the after hours spot. All of this in like 6 mins. Those have always been my only complaints to Keely about her tracks…they should be twice as long. She has made so many new cuts since this, but I think this is a good starting point. So cut the line, brush past the door man, hit the floor and dance like no ones watching

Edit: Since having published this article, I just heard the track below…see what I’m talkin’ about? Late-night-super-hero-music!