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Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk   1977 EMI (Originally on Kling-Klang)

022I was recently on an Electronic/ Krautrock kick and I wanted to replace my much-to-well-worn copy of Trans-Europe Express. While at the record store I got skunked on the Kraftwerk, but re-discovered another great electronic album from a very unlikely source(more of this to come). So, basically I am reviewing my original copy that has…a lot of…character. It’s not that bad, actually…I am just kinda crotchety when it comes to these things.  Anyway, I will not say much about T-E E because so much has been said about it already, be it in reviews or, more importantly, by other artists albums which were so strongly influenced by Kraftwerk’s landmark album. If you listen to Radiohead, Bowie’s incredible “Berlin Trilogy”, most New-Wave bands or even Afrika Bambaataa’s classic, Planet Rock, one cannot help but notice that none of this music 024would’ve sounded like this without Kraftwerk. Just check out The title track’s synth line after the vocorder “trans-Europe Express” chant amd then look up Planet rock…you get the picture. Kraftwerk will someday be regarded as important to popular music as the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix…you name it. They didn’t push musical boundaries, because they forged a new kind of music. There were no rules. They built their own instruments. Nothing could sound like this.  Here are some tracks…enjoy


Trans – Neil Young   1982 Geffen Records

And now for the sleeper. The last guy anyone would expect an electronic album from. Neil young has given the world some of the most beautiful acoustic music it has ever heard as well as some of the most introspective and daring electric guitar jams. He was known and loved for these two things…which is probably what made him make this album. He is famous for being extremely prolific and when record label execs would try to corner him by saying”we want a classic rock album”, he delivered them an album of rock-a-billy cheese…because he could.

012He had recently got his hands on a Synclavier and a Vocorder and started to make these songs(he admitted later, under the influence of Kraftwerk) that would baffle his fans and critics alike. It was generally hated and it was never released on cd in the U.S.. Hence, it is basically unknown and that is a shame because it is amazing. As with everything Neil does, it is beautifully recorded and mastered. The pressing is great and it’s lack of popularity kind of assured it being in near mint condition and very inexpensive. Songs like We R In Control actually still manage to rock. Transformer Man has heart and almost resembled an opera if Klaus Nomi performed it. The album brings a warmth and soul to the so-called Krautrock genre that is usually not present. Also, the album art is great…from the Deloreon type space cars on the cover to the heart-in-blade runner and computer font on the back. I was very happy to pay only 3.99 for this near-mint copy of a 30 year old classic…until I thought about it more. It’s kind of sad the something like this could be relegated to a bargin-bin. There is more background to the story that made me thing this(from 1980-1982 he was spending most of his time with his son Ben, who was going through therapy sessions after being born with Cerebral Palsy and was not able to speak. The songs he was writing were laced with the emotions he was dealing with and the lyrics and tone of this and the album previous, Re-ac-tor, reflect that). I guess I find it hard to write off an artists work simply because it wasn’t what people wanted at the time. No matter, through technology, you don’t need a record player to hear this work now…here it is

We R In Control

Transformer Man

Sample and Hold



Grimes – Visions   2012   4AD Records

006…what, never heard of Indy-Dream-Tronica-Experimental-Glitch-Core? Well, it’s either because you’re an ignoramus, or because I just made it up. Either way, the record is great. The songs are all over the place and yet very cohesive. The production is top notch and yet it was recorded and mixed using Apple Garage Band, which I love because it just proves that artists can take the power back, produce what they want and put out a great product without the pig-fuck record A&R people trying to homogenize the material until every song sound like fucking Rolling in the Deep. This album is an adventure from the drop of the needle(but not like a Radiohead or Weapon, dark, David Lynch nightmare type of adventure…more fun adventure like the Goonies…but if Bjork gave them ecstasy and led the gang) and doesn’t let up until you take the record off the platter and slide it back into the sleeve. That’s even fun, as the artwork and sleeve are both great to look at. If one knew nothing about this007 album, they would be expecting a new Black Flag record or something based on the cover…then this bizarre little party pours out of the speakers. So Pick it up on vinyl(4AD hits Canadian Gold again after Purity Ring, also amazing) and treat yourself to about 50 mins of Indy-Dream-Tronica-Experimental-Glitch-Core, now that you know what the fuck it is.

Just check out the vids to get an idea of what this girl is all about. She is not dull. What the hell is going on up in Canada? Between Her, Purity Ring and Rush finally getting into the (so-called) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2012 belonged to the Canucks in my mind.Love it!