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023It’s Your World – Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson    1976 Arista Records

Side one “Just Before Sundown”

“It’s Your World” (3:52)    “Possum Slim” (6:00)    “New York City” (4:45)

Side two “Nightfall”

“17th Street” (5:45)    “Tomorrow’s Trane” (7:20)   “Must Be Something” (5:20)

Side three “Late Evening”

“Home Is Where the Hatred Is” (12:10)    “Bicentennial Blues” (8:40)

Side four “Midnight and Morning”

“The Bottle” (13:30)    “Sharing” (5:55)

024This double lp concert set was recorded on the bicentennial (July 1st-4th 1976) and reflects the mood of the United States in the truest sense…reflection being an exact opposite view. While the rich white men were busy chopping up the country, everyone else was scrappin’. This set is loaded with biting commentary that is masked only by the funky and almost airy (not soft…airy…the flutes lent a counterpoint of  lightness that was practically a necessity).  The tunes were a mix of soul, funk, spoken word and jazz that big Gil is now legendary for and considering the size of this project, it never feels lost or meandering. Cuts like side 0213’s “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” and “Bicentennial Blues” put you right in the middle of the feelings of hopelessness the non-rich, non-white, non-male’s were living with. There is also a huge vibe of NYC haze in here and all one has to do is look up the doc “NYC 77″(see next post) to see the state of things for the 5 boros(well, the Bronx/Brooklyn mainly). Remember that Daily News cover “Ford to NYC…Drop Dead”…think of that and pop these lp’s on your turntable. Allmusic writer Hal Horowitz praises the record as G.S-H’s most completely realized work, and that “its Centennial-centric time frame” makes it “lose little of its impact… These tunes have lost none of their lyrical edge or incisiveness throughout the years”. I generally disagree with everything this asshole says buy in this case, I couldn’t agree more…so today, if only today…I wouldn’t shank Hal Horowitz…Thanks Gil