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Grimes – Visions   2012   4AD Records

006…what, never heard of Indy-Dream-Tronica-Experimental-Glitch-Core? Well, it’s either because you’re an ignoramus, or because I just made it up. Either way, the record is great. The songs are all over the place and yet very cohesive. The production is top notch and yet it was recorded and mixed using Apple Garage Band, which I love because it just proves that artists can take the power back, produce what they want and put out a great product without the pig-fuck record A&R people trying to homogenize the material until every song sound like fucking Rolling in the Deep. This album is an adventure from the drop of the needle(but not like a Radiohead or Weapon, dark, David Lynch nightmare type of adventure…more fun adventure like the Goonies…but if Bjork gave them ecstasy and led the gang) and doesn’t let up until you take the record off the platter and slide it back into the sleeve. That’s even fun, as the artwork and sleeve are both great to look at. If one knew nothing about this007 album, they would be expecting a new Black Flag record or something based on the cover…then this bizarre little party pours out of the speakers. So Pick it up on vinyl(4AD hits Canadian Gold again after Purity Ring, also amazing) and treat yourself to about 50 mins of Indy-Dream-Tronica-Experimental-Glitch-Core, now that you know what the fuck it is.

Just check out the vids to get an idea of what this girl is all about. She is not dull. What the hell is going on up in Canada? Between Her, Purity Ring and Rush finally getting into the (so-called) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2012 belonged to the Canucks in my mind.Love it!