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Video stores are great places to meet people(especially in NYC) and working in one really puts you in an interesting cast of characters. I’ve gotten to meet all manner of celebrity, both global as well as local(like Ivan Ivanov..the large, bearded man who loved his cats so much he always rented movies about, starring or heavily featuring cats…believe me, this man was famous to people btw 23rd st and 30th st, east of Lex). The many co-workers I’ve had at the stores also had their talents(some artistic, like the man below, some magical; like closing a register 1300$ short when it only opened with 75 $ and had maybe 150$ in total transactions) and I am glad to have known each of them. Below is the work of Nathan Gelgud, a former manager of the famed Video Stop and current co-appreciator of great mustaches of Gene Hackman. It is a 3 page illustrated history of the relationships, both romantic and otherwise, of the incredible Nico(“Biography by Association” written by Claire Frisbie). He is also in the midst of an epic cycle of portraits chronicling every game of the New York Knickerbockers phoenix-like ascent to greatness. He has produced many other pieces that I have loved over the last few years, but I am not going to turn this into a long review. I will let the work speak for itself:

Nico 1

Nico 2

Nico 3

Now the Knickerbocker Cycle:


Chris Copeland gets some early PT in Knicks win.


JR Smith dances off court in Knicks win.


Spike Lee makes his first appearance of the year, repping the Big Apple in the Big Easy. Knicks win by 22.


Tyson Chandler is beastin. Knicks squeak by Cavs.


One team remains undefeated. Clyde is into it.


Iman Shumpert very excited about Knicks win.


Jason Kidd gets hit on the head again, rocks extra protection. Knicks beat Nuggets.


Stoudemire looking more like his old self. Knicks win.


Sheed and the Knicks beat Brooklyn.


Knicks are on fire. Woody Allen is impressed.


Coach Woodson and the Knicks beat the Heat … again!


JR hits a buzzer beater again.

Now, here are some of my favorite of Nate’s pieces from the past(I couldn’t find the “famous initials” series, but if I did, they’d be in here):


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Nathan Gelgud : Proud Mustachioed Artist, residing in the garden spot of the world: Brooklyn U.S.A


Now, let’s see a series on the Hack!